Kapitan Sknera Czy uda Ci się zagarnąć najcenniejsze skarby i stać się Kapitanem Sknerą?!
Taste of Poland Hungry for FUN? Try our delicious CARD GAME!
WITKACY Play well your connoisseur part - collect all of Witkacy's art!
AMBER ROUTE Gather the guards, protect ambers and try to get to the destination point as fast as you can!
BLACK & WHITE Accept the challenge and play this dynamic war game!


We are a Polish board games publishing house that debuted with titles such as "Amber Route" or "Black & White". We have over ten years experience in the industry, and we have always been about pressing forward and pioneering. We are not afraid to enter into the unexplored and unknown, because we are constantly searching for new inspiration. We believe that by combining professionalism, passion and just... simple fun, we are able to create a new dimension to the experience of board games. Our goal is to create space for our players in which adventure will be something even more magical, yet real as never before.


We are their fans ourselves, so we know that board games are great. They bring generations together. They gather people. They making the time stop. They tell stories. They trigger emotions. They show a different world. They provide memories for years. Just like books or movies, but even more. Why? Because to experience them means to create them. Because every gameplay is unique. Because they do not work without interaction. Because statistically they are accompanied by feasting more often :)
That is why board games. That is why BOMBA GAMES. Our mission is to provide an explosion of emotions with an fiery mixture of adventure and competition. We are here for you, always ready to crack you up!